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Salient Seven

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| 149

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This 5 piece sample set includes:
1 Panty - XS (30" - 33" Upper Hip) Retail $80
1 Halter Bralette - XS (30 B - 32 D) Retail $200
1 Garter Belt - XS (30" - 33" Hip) Retail $300
1 Set of Thigh Straps - XS (16.5" - 17.5" Thigh) $75

Articles are what I affectionately call "draft samples" which is essentially articles of clothing that were used as a learning tool.  This set was made around 2014, and as such, the garter is a first attempt at boning, and isn't necessarily a reflection of current quality/standards or retail cost of new items.

And because it was used in a photoshoot.. there are areas where the latex has been discoloured, so the pricing reflects this because I pretty much just want it to go to someone who can appreciate the life it still has left in it.

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